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Red Skin Under Armpit Baby

I cant believe i hadnt noticed it until now it must have been there for a few days to be that red and sore.

Red skin under armpit baby. Candida or fungal infection under armpit dermatitis seborrhea and atopic dermatitis folliculitis tinea axillaris red itchy in toddlers. This rash may burn or itch. I discovered that my 14week old baby girl had a very sore red smelly armpit last night to my terrible dismay she was in such discomfort so gave her some calpol and tried to clean and dry the area as best i could but it was so sore then applied sudocrem and vaseline over that. On the underside of the belly or breasts.

I must not have been drying under her arms well enough after a bath. In the groin area. It is still red and sore today but not as angry although it is still very sore for her and i did the same today. The rash around armpit or red rash in armpit could have burning sensation burn be sore bumpy painful or painless affect male or female or child toddler or baby ooze clear or yellow discharge and affect other areas such as buttock or groin areas.

Symptoms of intertrigo include a red or reddish brown rash that can appear anywhere skin rubs together or traps wetness. Shes been really grumpy with teething the last two days so i didnt. A rash under armpit could be caused by folliculitis an infection or inflammation of the hair follicles. The underarm rash may disappear on its own during the disease and usually does not cause a burning or itchiness sensation.

Besides the troublesome diaper rash your baby can catch an armpit rash. Rash under babys armpit. Intertrigo can also affect the skin between the buttocks. The most common areas include.

The red or pink colored rash is commonly observed during the third stage. However in most cases a doctor will recommend trying a mixture of otc and at home remedies. I feel sick ive just noticed my baby girl has a rashsore in a skin fold under her armpit.