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Armpit Baby Powder

You could try face lightening products on them it does help cos i told a friend of mine to try them and it does help.

Armpit baby powder. Its primary purpose is to keep the diaper area dry to prevent diaper rash. Recent reports from reuters and the peer reviewed journal epidemiology have found. If you have to use anything use corn starch see infertility comments below. Not many people realise that baby powder can also be used to treat and prevent underarm sweating.

Baby powder talcum powder absorbs moisture so it can prevent soaked clothing. This is generally not as effective as antiperspirant deodorant but wont stain your clothes. Not in your crotch. Using it daily even if you dont have an armpit rash can prevent future rashes.

Talc has been postulated to be possibly connected with a slight increased risk of ovarian cancer emphasis on the word. For more health info sources. But if you find it too costly you could also try home remedy like applying fresh lemon and dry armpits let it dry throughly and the scrub with body scrub under the shower. Baby powder is made of cornstarch or talcum powder.

Sprinkle baby powder on your underarms. Baby powder is typically made with either talc or cornstarch fragrance and other ingredients. Baby powder is often used to treat diaper rash in infants. Then i had a baby.

It is the most common cure for diaper rash in infants. Baby powder is safe on armpits the unsafe issue was women using baby powder talc based near the genital area for sweating it was linked to cervical cancer a few years back most baby powders are now cornstarch based. No baby powder doesnt help to whiten dark armpits. I breastfed her and as i sat for hours and hours as she nursed i realized that her tiny delicate face with her little nose and mouth sat pretty much in my armpit.

Talcum powder has been tentatively linked to. It works effectively in keeping areas that are normally moist and damp dry and soft. In addition to using it on your underarms you can also use it. Women also commonly use these powders on their genitals to reduce feminine odors.

Adult men and women may also. Talcum powder and baby powder can absorb sweat and reduce the friction that causes and worsens armpit rashes.